Homistro five minute breakfast- rolle doats

Five minute breakfast: rolled oats with activated almonds, raisins and fresh fruit

Looking for a good breakfast that will keep you full all morning? Try this.

This is THE breakfast for champions. This recipe is gluten free, raw, vegan, packed with energy and complex carbs and ultra-nutritious. A perfect start for your busy day. The recipe is very adaptable. Tweak it to your tastes and make it your own.

Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, minerals and nutrients. Activated nuts are nuts that have been soaked overnight. ‘Activated’ means they have begun the sprouting process. In this process, phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that bind minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc are broken down, making nutrients and minerals become more bio-available (easier for us to absorb). Activated nuts are much healthier for our body because we get more nutritional goodness out of them and they become easier for our digestive system to process. Adding a little bit of salt in the water helps de-activate the enzyme inhibitors.

Ingredients for rolled oats with activated almonds, raisins and fresh fruit

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • Nut milk, almond milk, cashew milk or light coconut milk
  • 5 activated almonds, peeled (see below for instructions)
  • 10 – 20 raisins
  • Fresh fruit – whatever is in season. Strawberry, mango, apple, pear, peach, nectarine, blueberries all make great toppings.
  • Sweetener – if desired – use maple syrup, honey or palm sugar.


Step 1: Find a nice breakfast bowl, something medium in size and dub it your magic breakfast bowl. In your magic breakfast bowl, add the oats and raisins. Pour the nut milk over the oats and raisins so that it just covers the contents. Set aside.

Step 2: Pick out 5 activated almonds from your activation jar and peel them and place them on top of the oats.

Step 3: Get your fruit and cut up a good portion of fresh fruit into bite sized pieces. Place this over your oats and top it all off with some sweetener.

Activated almonds: Soak 20 almonds in a jar filled up 3/4 with water over night in the fridge. The almonds will keep in the jar of water for a week if you change the water every 2 days.

What’s your favorite breakfast? Let us know what you make in the mornings, leave a comment below.

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