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Grilled clalmari recipe with my yummy aioli

Like grilled calamari but never tried to cook it yourself? It’s SUPER easy! So I was at the fish store the other day and came across some yummy looking calamari fresh from the Mediterranean. I decided I’d buy some and do a little experimenting. Now I love fried calamari, but we all know that stuff […]

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Mediterranean bean soup recipe

This Mediterranean bean soup recipe gets better every day as it sits in the fridge. So don’t be scared to make too much. I guarantee you’ll be going back for more. Denitsa announced one day that she misses this bean soup and tried to describe it to me from her memories. It’s a popular soup […]

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Home made baked beans-enough to last

These baked beans are sooooooo yummy and good. You can store them for months and have homemade delicious – better than any store bought – baked beans anytime you like. This recipe makes about 5 cups of baked beans. They should be put into jars, closed and allowed to cool before storing. They will keep […]