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Breakfasts in Under 5 min – Video Recipes

We know that one of the hardest things to do in the mornings is to get a proper breakfast. HOMISTRO’s 5 minute breakfasts are here to help. Try one – or all – of our super easy, healthy breakfast recipes for a healthier and better start to your day. 1. The HLT – Hummus, Lettuce […]

Homistro's healhty easy breakfast in under 5 minutes - chia seed pudding

Five minute breakfast: vanilla and chocolate chia seed pudding

Try this sweeter option for a SUPER FOOD breakfast. This tasty, ultra nutritious, fiber rich recipe will sure convince the most reluctant to try more healthy options. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with this sweet breakfast recipe. Check out our coconut vanilla chia seed pudding with fresh strawberries recipe for more information […]

Easy quick desert - chia seed pudding with strawberries

Coconut vanilla chia seed pudding with strawberries

Looking for a healthier dessert? How about this chia seed – super food – dessert with fresh strawberries? Quicker and easier to make than most desserts, this uncooked, vegan, vegetarian super food dessert is a treat like nothing else. When I offer this to my friends, they usually say something like, “what in the world […]

Homistro healthy tasty easy meals calamari

Grilled clalmari recipe with my yummy aioli

Like grilled calamari but never tried to cook it yourself? It’s SUPER easy! So I was at the fish store the other day and came across some yummy looking calamari fresh from the Mediterranean. I decided I’d buy some and do a little experimenting. Now I love fried calamari, but we all know that stuff […]

Homistro heathy tasty soups mediterranean bean soup with fetta

Mediterranean bean soup recipe

This Mediterranean bean soup recipe gets better every day as it sits in the fridge. So don’t be scared to make too much. I guarantee you’ll be going back for more. Denitsa announced one day that she misses this bean soup and tried to describe it to me from her memories. It’s a popular soup […]