Are you postponing healthy eating?

We know all too well how complicated and time-consuming it can be, so we are on a mission to make healthy eating:

  • Lick-your-fingers delicious
  • Quick - recipes that will work for even the busiest of all people
  • Easy - no cooking experience required
HOW? Check out our whole food meal plans and healthy eating blog.

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Created for food-lovers, who want to eat healthier and have fun with it!

Let us surprise you with exciting international flavors and new ingredients.
You'll never have to worry about dinner again.

Eating healthy takes too much time?

We’ll show you how to make breakfast in 5 min and dinner in under 30 min.

You think healthy food is bland?

No worries, we’ll wow you with some ultra delicious meals you just can’t get enough of!

Cooking healthy every day is still too much hassle?

We got you! Share our zero-hassle meal plans with your roommates and only do part of the cooking while enjoying all the tasty benefits.

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homistro helahty easy tasty meal plan


Try one of our FREE 1 week VEGETARIAN or PALEO meal plan to get a taste of what HOMISTRO is all about! If you like it and want to continue getting more meal plans you can buy our 1 month meal plans for US $ 9.99 per month.

homistro organized shopping list


Use the grocery list to do a whole week of shopping in record time. The list is organized by categories so you don’t have to go back and forth in the supermarket. With the weekly shopping done, it’s easy to split the bill with whomever you are sharing the meals.

gluten and dairy free meal plan - quinoa mediterranean salad


We suggest splitting up the weekly cooking with your roommate(s) so that you only have to cook some of the meals and they do the rest. All recipes are created equal so the deal is fair. Cook less and enjoy more heavenly homemade dinners!

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