Everyone needs tasty food that is HEALTHY and NOURISHING.

HOMISTO was created for people who want to enjoy and savor food in all its tasty forms while nurturing their bodies and having fun with some light cooking.

To make healthy eating easy and fun, we created:

  1. Zero hassle meal plans with awesome international recipes which allow you to shop once a week without deciding what you are going to make in advance.
  2. A blog with FREE recipes for main dishes, breakfast, snacks, desserts, salads, drinks, healthy cooking advice, time-saving tricks and more!

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The internet is limitless and when it comes to food, there is a ton of recipes out there! And healthy eating is getting more important for everyone, which is why there are more healthy recipes published than ever before. Only problem is that good recipes can be really complicated to make and are hidden among a lot of crappy ones. So it takes ages to browse online and find something that not only sounds delicious but actually tastes good when you make it… This is where HOMISTRO comes in! We love experimenting with food and spend hours (yes, seriously) every day browsing recipes and testing them out. And at the end of the day, when we’ve nailed that easy, healthy, tasty dish, how could we not share it?! Yes, that’s why we created HOMISTRO – to help other food lovers who want healthy without compromising on tasty and to help them eat awesome food every day without hassle.

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Who we are

Maitri – food photographer, home chef, eating monster & website developer

Hi, I’m Maitri. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen doing things that few other people do – like take 6 hours to make a sauce…which accidentally gets burned in the end. And the next day I make the same damn thing again and it’s the best brown sauce ever! I also love organizing a feast once in a while where I make several dishes, garnish, salad and have friends over to help eat everything! But most of all, I love everyday dinners, when I sit down and appreciate one simple healthy meal that tastes like heaven. This is the experience I want to share with you and these are the kind of simple yet mouth-watering recipes you will find on our blog and meal plans.

Denitsa – risky food tester subject, shopper, researcher

Hi, I’m Denitsa. I believe that health is strongly related to the quality of food we eat. At the same time, I love indulging in tasty food and despite my experiments of going vegetarian, vegan and even frutarian I always go back to eating everything (flexitarian;) . Now I am dedicated to finding tasty ways to healthy eating. Together with Maitri we experiment with quinoa snacks, bean burgers and chia seed pudding, raw cakes and superfood smoothies. I am the one to make sure we have plenty of greens, veggies and raw salads to go with Maitri’s delicious cooked meals.